Gospel Concert

Claret Gospel Choir was formed in 2002, and since then it is associated with the Church from the Ivory Coast. The aim of the choir is to glorify Jesus during artistic performances, prayer meetings, vigils and church services.
This unique choir performs music which refers to gospel in its interpretation, therefore, we can find a variety of musical influences  from African folklore, through classics and even reggae during their concerts. As we can read on the website of the Claretian Missionaries - "Africa is singing and rhythmic, but suffering." Claret Gospel Choir sings about  the joy, love and peace.
The Choir will visit Poland for the sixth time. Their guide is  Mr. Roman Woźnica, who is the head of the mission - known and recognized throughout the world. The choir consists of individuals who were christened by him during his 20-year mission.

Church of the Holy Spirit
17 August, 1:00 pm