Opera Concert

Opera Concert

Place: The Great Room of Artus Court

Tickets: 30/20 zl

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During the concert we will admire vocal art of soprano Edyta Piasecka. She graduated of Voice and Drama Faculty in Cracow Academy of Music. She debuted as The Queen of the Night in ‘The Magic Flute’ conducted by K. Bumann. In 1997 she started to cooperate with the Opera in Wroclaw and 2 years later she became the soloist of Opera in Cracow.





Rossini – Overture The Barber of Seville (or different)

Rossini – Rosina’s Aria

Verdi – The Force of Destiny

Puccini -Mimi’s Aria 

Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet

Gounod – Julia’s Waltz

Tchaikovsky – Flower Waltz

Gounod – Aria of Marguerite



Works sprinkled by the dust of time and made in ​​the new way, delight again. High-class soloists, large chorus, excellent orchestras, return to historical works, earning numerous opera supporters.

During the concert, we will hear a series of opera arias.

Opera The Barber of Seville - shows the Italian temperament and youthful melody. Consistently over the years it is met with a positive reception. It is full of humor, being one of the greatest stage masterpieces. Each page of the score is the jewel of the composer's championship.

In turn, Puccini’s works are characterized by external effectiveness and sentimentality. The artist had his own distinct style, reflected in the harmony full of heat and sensuality. To this day, we can recognize his style after just a few bars.

Verdi's operas are characterized by a mastery of instrumentation, orchestration and excellent vocal development. Currently, they are one of the most famous operas in the world. In fact, they are a synthesis of Italian lyricism and nobility. Fantastic librettos, great characters and deep music content are the greatest qualities of his work.
Operas of Ch. Gounod are also very popular these days.  “Romeo and Juliet” delights of its theme and attracts the imagination of many composers. This is a perfect example of the lyric opera. The stage action is limited to a minimum and it is full of nice love duets.  

Tchaikovsky’s works are characterized by indigenous national style and the librettos are based on native Russian literature. His work is dominated by the power of feelings. He tries to show the nature of the characters and give all of them psychological depth.