In keeping with the tradition, the Violin Competition will begin with a concert featuring the performance of the chairman of the Jury. In this year’s edition this role will be played by a world-famous artist, Professor Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, who will perform with two eminent musicians, Professor Andrzej Dębski and Professor Andrzej Wróbel. The concert will be attended by all participants in the Competition and the members of the Jury.

K. Lipiński – Trio in A major op. 12
Karol Lipiński (1790-1861) became famous in the musical world as a virtuoso violinist and composer. His fame as a composer was based mainly on his pieces for violin, by far the largest part of his oeuvre. His compositions were most often written for himself and it is no coincidence that a significant number of his works was composed for solo violin or for violin as the leading instrument in the case of his pieces for larger ensembles. He performed to great acclaim in Poland and abroad giving concerts of music composed by himself or other composers. In 1818 he played and competed twice with Niccolò Paganini: he was deemed equal in talent to the Italian virtuoso whose skill in the view of most listeners and critiques was unsurpassable. The contemporaries applauded the exceptional clarity of intonation in Lipiński’s playing and his capacity to operate immensely deep and vibrating tones, which might have been due to the fact that initially he was a successful cellist.

The violin works by Karol Lipiński are rarely performed on account of being tremendously difficult. The Trio in A major op. 12 for two violins and cello was dedicated to prince Nikolai Golitsin, who was a cellist himself: hence the virtuoso ‘brillant’ part for the first violin (which Lipiński intended for himself) and for the cello, composed for the dedicatee. The second piece to be performed is the Fantasy on themes from the opera „The Presumed Miracle, or Krakovians and Highlanders” by Jan Stefani op. 33, which was inspired by the first Polish opera work and features a number of folk music themes with numerous virtuoso embellishments. The Variations on themes from the opera „Cinderella” by Gioacchino Rossini op. 10 include alternating octaves with fiendishly difficult primes (especially in the Fifth Variation).

Konstanty Andrzej Kulka - violin
Andrzej Gębski - violin
Andrzej Wróbel - cello