A Romantic Evening

A Romantic Evening
Saturday, 9 July, 8 pm, The Great Hall of the Artus Court
Tickets: 29/19 PLN (BUY TICKET)

Marcel Markowski - cello
Jakub Chrenowicz – conductor
The Płock Symphony Orchestra

The programme will include:

Pyotr Tschaikovsky - Pezzo Capriccioso op. 62.
Pyotr Tschaikovsky - Variations on a Rococo theme op. 33
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 in C minor op. 67

The Płock Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1975. Before 1998 it was known as the Chamber Orchestra of the Płock Music Society. Since then it has been known under the name of the Płock Symphony Orchestra, with the late Witold Lutosławski as its patron. It has performed with distinguished musicians from Poland and abroad. This concert, conducted by Jakub Chrenowicz, will present musical pieces from the Classical and Romantic periods. We shall listen to selected works by two eminent composers: Ludwig van Beethoven and Pyotr Tschaikovsky. Solo parts will be performed by Marcel Markowski, the cello concertmaster of Sinfonia Varsovia, who will play two virtuoso pieces for cello, which require extraordinary technical skill and musical maturity. The second part of the concert will present one of the most popular symphony works: Symphony No. 5 in C minor op. 67 by Ludwig van Beethoven. The symphony embodies an integration of cyclic form and a great thematic concentration.  The 'motif of fate', as Beethoven defined it, pervades the whole symphony. The innovative impact of Beethoven in the field of symphonic music can be seen in his masterful command of the musical form, the way in which he extended the volume of the orchestral sound by introducing additional instruments and the picturesque nature of contrasting sounds. The leading theme of Symphony No. 5, which binds all its four parts into a single whole, is composed of merely four notes and was described by the composer himself as a manifestation of 'the fate knocking on our door'. That famous motif of fate is widely known across the globe.

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