TEMPLES OF CULTURE, PART 1 – a film screening

20th July (Thursday), 9:30 pm, Summer cinema - Teutonic Castle
TEMPLES OF CULTURE, PART 1 – a film screening
Admission free with prior reservation

Magdalena Wichrowska - speaker

Are buildings able to speak in their own voice and say something about ourselves and about the state of our civilisation? The film presents an individual look of six famous directors on six iconic European buildings, treated here as a reflection of ourselves and of today's culture. Each of the creators shows an object in their own way, while maintaining their characteristic style and film language. Wim Wenders portrays the famous Berlin Philharmonic, Robert Redford – the Salk Institute in La Jolla in California, Michael Madsen – the Halden prison in the Norwegian town of Halden, Michael Glawogger – the Russian National Opera, Margreth Olin – the Oslo Opera House, and Karim Aïnouz – the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Each of these buildings is shown in a different way, as each of them functions based on autonomous rules and has its own soul: in external and internal sense, it is also organised according to different principles. In the film, we don't just see the visual image of these buildings, but also their architectural structure, which in all cases turns out to be significant. Each of the buildings becomes, in its own way, a reflection of contemporary culture and an excellent guardian of collective human memory. It’s also a clear material manifestation of the thoughts and activities of modern man, and what's more – it shows our life, although in each case revealing a very different aspect and perspective.

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