Viennese Evening

The Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

Glass Harmonica & verrofon

For the Austrian marriage Christ and Gerald Schönfeldingers, the world of glass sounds opened up in the early 90's. However, before that happened, both graduated studies in violin and played in orchestras.

Schönfeldingers decided to deepen their knowledge in the field of music coming from the glass and under the name of Wiener Glasharmonika Duo they shared instruments: Christa chose the glass harmonica, and Gerald verrofon.

In this way, they resurrected the "glass" music, which in the eighteenth century was wildly popular, and then for almost 200 years fallen into oblivion.

Currently Schönfeldingers belong to the best interpreters of glass harmonica and verrofon. Not only giving the new meaning to proven techniques and classic works were the reason for their success, but also discovering previously unknown techniques as well as performing contemporary works on glass instruments.

The process of discovery still continues, because the sound coming out of the glass hides a lot of secrets and thus unlimited numbers of works can be produced. For Gerald Schönfeldinger, who likes composing, it is an extra motivation. He composed a large number of works on the glass harmonica and verrofon, and contributed to the creation of numerous CD recordings and live performances, which acquaints the students with poetic chamber music and songs conducive to meditation.

However, the music coming out of the glass is not a new discovery, so the Schönfeldingers also successfully participate in concerts and recordings of classical music.

Their repertoire includes standard works on glass harmonica (Mozart, Reichardt, Röllig, Schulz), orchestral works and operas (Donizetti, Saint-Saens, R. Strauss) and avant-garde works (such as Arvo Pärt, Jörg Widmann).

They cooperate with many famous artists, such as Senta Berger, Ruth Maria Kubitschek, Erika Pluhar, Christiane Hörbiger, Peter Uray, Peter Wagner and Christian Ludwig Attersee.

They took part in numerous prestigious festivals such as: Klangbogen Wien, Vienna Festival, Internationale Mozartwoche Salzburg, Carinthischer Sommer Internationale Tage Eisenstadt Haydn, Dresdner Musikfestspiele, as well as the Mozart Festival in Würzburg, Berlin, Bayreuth and Paris.

They performed at the Musikverein Vienna, Warsaw Philharmonic, and the Philharmonics in Milan, Rome, Florence, Helsinki, Amsterdam and many others.