The Greatest Hits Of Polish Popular Music

11.08. (Saturday), 8 pm  – Chamber Hall in CKK Jordanki
The greatest hits of Polish popular music

Grohman Orchestra

The Grohman Orchestra takes its name from the late Henryk Grohman, a famous Łódź industrialist, fine connoisseur of art and patron of artists. The orchestra is a group of musicians of the Łódź Philharmonic: the leaders of individual sections and its concertmaster violinist, who also acts as the orchestra’s conductor. The ensemble specialised mainly in the compositions of the Strauss family, including such musical genres as waltz, polka, overture and march. Recently, however, they have set themselves the task of broadening their repertoire and exploring some new musical worlds; a result of this venture is their new project entitled ‘Grohman Orchestra – the Greatest Hits of Polish Popular Music’. A survey conducted among the orchestra’s fans and the participants of the Geyer Music Factory Festival has demonstrated that we cherish primary the good old songs. We shall listen to some of these in new and intriguing arrangements by Krzysztof Herdzin, one of the most distinguished arrangement artists in Poland, who confessed that this particular project is of the most interesting and demanding challenges he has ever been involved in, including as it does a fusion of classical and pop music pervaded with reminiscences of the greatest compositions by Johann Strauss. Tomasz Gołębiewski, the concertmaster of the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra and the violinist-conductor of the Grohman Orchestra, is firmly convinced that both the musicians and the audience will be relishing in this concert and that this will be the case all across Poland wherever the concert is going to be performed. See you there!