14.09. - Beethoven 20/20

14th September (Friday), 7 pm - Concert Hall in CKK Jordanki

Marian Sobula – piano
Toruń Symphonic Orchestra
Mariusz Smolij – conductor
Radosław Droń – conductor - resident

S. Moniuszko –"Halka" Overture
L. van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67
I. J. Paderewski - Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 17

An inauguration is, first and foremost, the promise of what awaits us in the events preceeded by this inauguration. Each and every inauguration has a ceremonial and sublime profile of a magic moment expected and longed for by everyone. In the case of commencing the fourtieth artistic season of the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra, the profile of the celebration will be particularly sublime, which has been emphasised by organisers in their choice of a programme, and by inviting a talented pianist to collaborate.

Each and every large piece of music is commenced by an overture. It will not be any different in the case of commencing a concert inaugurating the artistic season of the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra. The audience will be greeted by the overture which was written by Stanisław Moniuszko as a part of his opera bearing the title of Halka. Albeit this overture is a part of a larger piece of music, due to the way it was composed it may be performed as a separate piece of music (in terms of its formal structure, it is a complete piece of music). The overture to Halka is one of the most frequently performed pieces of music of Moniuszko, which is no surprise, taking into account a magic profile of composition. It is a very dramatic piece of music, and its tense mood stirs the heart of each and every member of the audience.

After the introduction to the story, there must come time for its development. In case of the concert 'development' , V Symphony C-moll op. 67 of Ludwig van Beethoven will be presented to the audience. This symphony is perfectly well known to each and every music lover, but, as well, to people who are not usually interested in classical music. V Symphony of Beethoven is a piece of music which has become an inseparable part of our culture. Due to that fact as well, the fragments of the score are used in various materials; we frequently hear them, e.g. in the soundtrack of a film. In the course of the inaugurating concert, a member of the audience will hear the symphony in its entirety performed by the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra. The interpretation which will be presented on 14th September, in the Concert Hall of Jordanki Culture and Congress Centre,will certainly be an unforgettable experience, and also the one whose very recollection is thrilling. The dramatic beginning is saturated by terror, and the final part full of triumphant elation; for many members of the audience, they may be a katharsis,  which the organisers are perfectly aware of. The choice of this very piece of music as the climax of the concert was not an accident.

After the purifying and solemn development, the time will come a grand final. The end of this year's inauguration of the season will be constituted by the A-moll Piano Concert op.17 of Ignacy Jan Padarewski. To perform it, the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra invited a special guest, the talented Marian Sobula. In the course of this concert, the music overfilled by cordiality, poetic romantic mood and great passion, which reaches a triumphant climax and domination in the final, will be heard. The most popular piano concert performed by the laureate boasting the greatest international piano competition awards will certainly constitute an unforgettable experience for each and every music lover.

The inauguration of the fourtieth artistic season of the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra is an event with a precisely planned course, which will certainly become a sublime inspiration to both by artists and members of the audience throughout the entire season!

The concert co-organised and co-financed under the Institute of Music and Dance 'conductor – resident' programme

Initiated by the Institute, the programme 'conductor – resident' programme is to present and promote young Polish conductor, and also allow them to make their debuts and gain experience in performing by contacts with a professional orchestre ensemble. The conductor-resident of the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra in the season 2018/2019 is Radosław Droń.

The concert under the patronage of Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne under the TUTTI.pl undertaking promoting the performance of Polish music.