17th October (Wednesday), 7 pm - Artus Court
: PLN 20 , PLN 15 (BUY TICKET)

Fire flamenco dances, arias and songs from operas and ballets by Verdi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, de Falla and Lorcy.

Weronika Rabek - mezzo-soprano
Anna Thun - mezzo-soprano
Jadwiga Rappe - alto
Agata Teodorczyk - flamenco dance
Maurycy Stawujak - piano
Jakub Niedoborek - flamenco guitar

Love is a fire which evokes desire, passion and devotion. These very three emotions will be accompanying the concert 'Fire of Love', in the course of which the most beautiful arias, opera songs and ballet music will be played. Noticing the potential of the presented pieces of music, the organisers invited not only musicians, but, as well, a talented female dancer, to participate. It has, after all, been known for quite a while that flamenco is a dance of fire, whose exuberance perfectly illustrates love which may unite two people.

So as to lead the audience into the world where love is so very intensive that it acquires a fiery profile, the organisers have chosen emotional arias and songs from operas and music from the ballets of four composers, perfectly known to everyone. Albeit the subject of the chosen pieces of music is similar to many scores of Mozart, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and de Falla, each and every of them presents it in a different, quite an individual manner, thanks to which the concert becomes more varied.

In the case of operas and particular arias of Mozart, the dominant climate is that of serenity and lightness, both full of energy. The music written in notes is exuberant, energetic, light and cheerful. Frequently, however, this lightness and serenity hide serious notes, which, played appropriately, will evoke unrest in the hearts of the audience, and sometimes will even cause so-called 'goosepimples' from emotions. In dynamic pieces of music of Mozart, which will be presented to tmembers of the audience, fire will be hidden; fire which seems not be a threat, but it may surprise and behave quite unexpectedly at each and every moment.

The pieces of music of Verdi were composed so as to reflect the great feelings often tormenting human soul as best as possible. The music composed by Verdi for numerous operas is, therefore, very emotional, and suits the concert filled with emotional heat and love perfectly. The fire which we may find in the piece of music of Verdi adopts the form of an element equally destructive and assisting in expressing the beautiful.

The operas of Tchaikovsky are pieces of music overfilled, frequently, by insanity, immolating them from inside.  
Emotional character of the scores in the case of this composer can be heard in each and every sound, full of passion.
In his piece of music, he used motifs known from Italian operas, French ballet and German symphonic music.
All these inspirations are audible in the pieces of music which will be presented in the course of the concert