07.07. - Raftsman's Legendary Violin - concert for children

7th July (Sunday), 3 pm - Gingerbread Town, Podmurna street 62
Raftsman's Legendary Violin - concert for children 
Free entrance

Come to a musical meeting for children, where the violin will ‘play the first fiddle’. The violin is the instrument of the famous Raftsman, whose monument is located at the market square in Toruń. According to the most famous of Toruń's legends, it is the beautiful sound of the Raftsman’s violin that led the frogs tormenting the residents of Toruń out of the city. During the programme, children will become acquainted with the sound of the instrument, its structure and techniques of playing, and they will also become familiar with the works of great masters who wrote compositions for this instrument. The Raftsman himself will appear on the stage and the concert will be accompanied by stories about his adventures.