19.07. - Film screening "Urosłam, kiedy spałaś"

19th July (Friday), 6 pm - Kino Centrum CSW
Film screening "Urosłam, kiedy spałaś"
Free entrance

Film screening - ‘I Grew Up As you Slept’, directed by Marcin Sauter

A documentary presenting the portrait of Karalina Orsik-Sauter, a viola player from Atma Quartet, the concert of which will be played in the Artus Court in Toruń exactly one week before the lecture, i.e. on July 13th. The film tells the story of a young artist, an immigrant from Belarus. It vividly describes the fate of immigrants from this country together with their longing for home, family and friends. Karalina's journey to visit her grandmother, who lives in a deserted Belarusian village of Akhanyany, becomes a journey down the memory lane to the land of her childhood.

Introducton - Radosław Osiński
special guest: Karalina Orsik - Sauter