01-22.07. - Photo Exhibition

1st - 22nd July - Old Town Hall
Photo exhibition
Free entrance

“Taking photographs of projects organized by Toruń Symphony Orchestra is always quite a challenge, because I have to face the task of capturing what is at first glance unimportant in a concert. Enthralled listeners often unconsciously ignore the fact that the artist's surroundings are an important complement to his performance. Special atmosphere, tension in silence that fills the concert hall just before the first sound, full concentration of the musicians on the other side of the curtain and the relaxation after the performance - all this happens in exceptional places which conquer every phase of the performance with their visual form. With this in mind, I use my camera as a converter to transform sound into image, which is an extremely difficult but very satisfying task” - Łukasz Ułanowski (a photographer of Toruń Symphony Orchestra).