Film screening - Quartet

8th October (Tuesday), 7 pm - Hanza Cafe
Film Screening – "Quartet" dir. Dustin Hoffman
Free entrance - free tickets are available in the box office

Introduction - Magdalena Wichrowska

‘Old age isn’t for wimps.

In one of his interviews, Dustin Hoffman said that he owes everything he has achieved to his wife. But the ‘Quartet’ film was made especially for her. Anyway, it turned out that Lisa Hoffman was the driving force behind her husband’s directorial debut. ‘I had very little time to make a decision. Eventually, I decided to refuse. Then Lisa said to me: ‘No, this time you’re not gonna back down, you’re just gonna do it! And she’s done her job,’ Hoffman said.

His film is based on a play by Ronald Harwood, who won an Oscar for ‘The Pianist’. The screenwriter has also written lyrics for such films as ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ and ‘Juliet’.

‘Quartet’ is an unpretentious story about the ripe old age of musicians, who found themselves in a luxurious retirement home. And even though the physical capabilities of the protagonists have eroded with time, their power of spirit is still indomitable. Is this an effect of their inexhaustible passion for music? Certainly, but ‘Quartet’ is not only a story about music, but also about love, friendship, loneliness and old age, and the latter is undoubtedly not for wimps.