Old Town Hall
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Łukasz Długosz - flute
Agata Długosz - flute
Marek Toporowski - harpsichord

I.Kisiel - Once Upon the Sea... for 2 flutes and harpsichord (PREMIERE)
G.Ph. Telemann – Trio sonata in A major for 2 flutes and harpsichord
K.Baculewski - Trio for 2 flutes and harpsichord
G.Pstrokońska-Nawratil - L-sonata for 2 flutes and harpsichord
A.Vivaldi - Sonata in G minor for 2 flutes and harpsichord


When the past meets the present, sometimes tradition crosses paths with modernity. In this concert, the past will be represented by Johann Sebastian Bach, to whom Frederick II - a great flautist and a capable composer - presented a musical theme to serve as a basis for a fugue. In response, Bach presented the king not only with a fugue but also with the entire cycle entitled Musikalisches Opfer. The author of the Musical Offering made friends with George Philipp Telemann and sealed this acquaintance by making him the godfather of his son, Carl Philipp Emanuel. Telemann, one of the most important and versatile late Baroque opera composers, is also the author of numerous trio sonatas, including the Sonata in A-major for two flutes and harpsichord. This Baroque circle of composers could not come short of the ‘ginger-haired priest’ Antonio Vivaldi and his Sonata in G minor for two flutes and a harpsichord.

The present will look in the mirror of the past, finding there a reflection of the old line-up, as a harpsichord has been used in three pieces written by contemporary Polish composers that we will listen to. Thus, the unique marriage of tradition and modernity will take on different soundscapes in the compositions by Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil (L sonata for two flutes and harpsichord), Krzysztof Baculewski (Trio for two flutes and harpsichord) and in a premiere work by Iwona Kisiel (Once Upon the Sea... for two flutes and harpsichord).


Aneta Derkowska

There is no intermission in the concert.
The event will take place in accordance with current recommendations and guidelines.

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