Caravana Banda | Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna

Caravana Banda

Caravana Banda is an explosive blend of European music. Fascinating gypsy jazz with a touch of Balkan roots, flamenco, and slightly oriental influences. The band combines musical panache with ‘street’ energy.

At first, one can feel the energy of the band, then we hear melodies from an ancient world: from gypsy stories, Balkan music, Kurpie papercuts, flamenco rhythm. Then the energy swirls and merges with songs full of poignant lyrics and melodies composed and written by this Polish-Czech band. Caravana Banda is not merely guys with trumpets! It’s one girl and boys with big trumpets, guitar, drums and an unusual musical idea.

The band was founded by Tomas Prus – one of the vocalists of the cult Czech band Vltava, and Magda Navarrete a vocalist and dancer known in Poland and South America. For more than two years the band has been winning audiences in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland, and now also in Brazil.

It is an orchestra full of exotic instruments and talented, eccentric musicians. The band’s songs are both instrumentally brilliant, catchy and originally arranged. The band draws from its roots by recreating melodies that originate from Kurpie and Czech Moravia. There are also melodies from Romania, Albania, Serbia, Spain and even Brazil, with which the band has increasingly stronger affiliation. They have been spotted by a famous producer, Ale Siqueira, with whom they are going to Sao Paulo in 2016 to record their first album. There is also the voice and dance of Magda Navarrete. She sings velvet-like boleros as well as piercing flamenco, which bring out the variety of her voice. She juggles with rhythms, styles, melodies, but remains true to her passion for world music. She can hit the low and high tones, sing in the space between them, only to attack the sounds with all her temperament and energy.

An orchestra full of exotic instruments, talent and eccentric musicians:
Magda Navarrete – vocal, dance, cajon, drum
Tomas Prusa – arrangements, saxophone, vocal
Andrzej Lewocki – guitar
Vaclav Kalenda - trumpet
Jakub Masek – euphonium
Jiri Genrt – tube
Mateusz Sieradzan – tapan, cajón, darabuka