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Idea of the Festival and Violin Competition

The violin reached the peak of aesthetic quality of its sound already several centuries ago and it continues to bring delight by their shape and sound.

The Toruń Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the 5th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition. It will be taking place in Toruń, the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus, one of the greatest astronomers, the seat of the university which bears his name, a city proud of its history stretching back for almost eight hundred years and the status of a UNESCO-listed world heritage site, where numerous festivals of culture, science and art take place every year. Music plays a special role in the cultural life of the town, which can also be seen in one of its symbols: the statue of a rafter holding a violin placed on the Old Market Square. Professor Tadeusz Wroński, a distinguished violinist and pedagogue, wrote that

the violin is the most beautiful and extraordinary thing invented by our civilisation.

The violinists practice for many years to use this perfect instrument to play the wonderful music of eminent composers, from Mozart to Lutosławski. The prizewinners of the previous editions of our competition: Albrecht Menzel (Germany), Aleksandra Li (Russia), Gyehee Kim (South Korea), Erin Keefe (USA), Artiom Shishkov (Belarus), Malwina Sosnowski (Switzerland), Yoon Yang (South Korea), Maria Włoszczowska (Poland), Clemence de Forceville (France), Anna Malesza (Poland) – are our worthy ambassadors. We are pleased to welcome the young violinists and music lovers in Toruń who come to attend the Festival taking place from 4th to 13th October 2019.