The paths of Mr. Moniuszko - a musical performance

Moniuszko Days
Data wydarzenia
Chamber Hall of CKK Jordanki
20/30 PLN

The year 2019 sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Moniuszko, premier composer, conductor, organ player, educator, director of Warsaw’s Teatr Wielki, and the father of Polish opera. Embracing operas, art songs, cantatas, religious music, symphonic works, chamber and solo pieces, operettas, ballets, and theatre music, his oeuvre impresses with its diversity, melodic richness, and deeply-rooted connection with the Polish music heritage. His operas and art songs are the core of Polish vocal literature and often the linchpin of the repertoires of Poland’s greatest singers.

Bernadetta Grabias - mezzosoprano
Mariusz Siudziński - actor
Michał Grabias - piano

Bernadetta Grabias - Soloist of Opera Łódź in Poland and laureate of various singing competitions i.a. 3-rd Prize on „Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium” 2008. Since 2011 as academic teacher on Music Academy in Łódź. She graduated Music School in Rzeszów where she got the 1st degree in the piano, Music College in the oboe and Music Academy in Łódź (with distinction) in Singing by tutor Ziemowit Wojtczak. She also received the Certificate in Conducting. She was awarded in a number of competitions. She got the special Prize for singing Paderewski’s song in The Polish Song Competition in Warsaw (2001) and in the 35th K. Kurpiński National Young Singers Competition in Włoszakowice (2002). Half-finalist of “Belvedere” competition in Vienna (2006). After graduating Music Academy she become a soloist in the Grand Theatre of Łódź, where performs foreground mezzo-soprano roles.