Screening of the film “Maksymiuk. Koncert na dwoje” (Maksymiuk. Concerto for Two)

Nova Music and Architecture
‘Centrum’ cinema at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CSW)
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Jerzy Maksymiuk. Conductor, composer, pianist. Born on 9 April 1936 in Grodno. Despite being over 80 years of age he is still very active or, for many, overly active. Demanding towards himself and others, not slowing down, ruthless for poor craftsmanship, still fascinated with music and focused on his scores, to the point of madness. Loved by eminent musicians, disliked by mediocre ones. In private, still a small-town boy who makes friends with the ‘excluded’ regulars of park benches and sharing with them what he has. A charismatic ‘maestro’, admired in London, Glasgow and Paris, in everyday life completely helpless without the help and guidance of his wife. The film, made in Poland, England, Scotland and France, shows Maksymiuk during his work with outstanding musicians and orchestras, as well as during the process of composing music. Together with the protagonist, we will take a surprising journey in search of basic definitions: what is music and what it consists in. We will also get to know an extremely ‘private’ artist. This second portrait, full of colourful episodes, minor weaknesses, but also obsessions that sometimes reach the limits of psychological norms, illustrates one of the most extreme versions of the artist’s fate. The one in which the price of an outstanding talent is loneliness in an average, ‘normative’ world. Jerzy’s wife, Ewa Piasecka, is a protagonist of the film on equal terms. She is a person who does not share his gift of musicianship, but is at the same time absolutely indispensable to him – she is a condition for creation and existence. The film is a story about love, great passion, talent and an even greater price paid for this talent.

Director: Tomasz Drozdowicz

Radosław Osiński - introduction


The concert will be held under 25th International Festival “Nova Music and Architecture” - Toruń, Kuyavian-Pomeranian 2021


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