Time for us | There Was A Little Frog

For children
Rehearsal Hall of CKK Jordanki
15/30/40 PLN

‘There Was a Little Frog Who Wouldn't Listen to its Mother.....’ Do you know the story of the disobedient frog and the moral of the story? We will have the string instrument family remind it to us. Although the toddler Violins lead the way here, they always listen to the voice of mother Cello attentively!

The Time for us series was created with children and also with parents in mind. The classes introduce the little ones to the world of instruments, make them familiar with their sound, activate them to participate in games, while allowing the adults who take care of them a moment of rest. They are run in an accessible and relaxed manner with the participation of professional artists.
Time for Us proves that in the world of music there is space for everyone, and children are the most demanding audience! 

Preparation and introduction: Adriana Wdziękońska
All concerts take place in the Rehearsal Hall of CKK Jordanki