Time for Us - idea | Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna

Time for Us - idea

The concerts in the ‘Time for us’ series are addressed to the youngest music lovers up to the age of 6.

The series was created with children and also with parents in mind. The classes introduce the little ones to the world of instruments, make them familiar with their sound, activate them to participate in games, while allowing the adults who take care of them a moment of rest. They are run in an accessible and relaxed manner with the participation of professional artists.

Time for Us proves that there is no shortage of space for anyone in the world of music, and children are the most demanding audience! That is why we make every effort not to extinguish their childhood enthusiasm, not to limit their freedom and to develop their sensitivity through contact with live music.

Preparation and introduction: Adriana Wdziękońska

All concerts take place in the Rehearsal Room of CKK Jordanki


•    15 PLN - child
•    40 PLN - child + adult

The number of tickets is limited. Each child can only be accompanied by one adult. The events are held in accordance with the restrictions in place, details can be found here. You are encouraged to use your own instruments during the event.