Infinito Quartet concert - City Festival

Nova Music and Architecture
Courtyard of the Old Town Hall
Admission free

The concert takes place as part of the 24th International Festival "Nova Muzyka and Architecture" - Toruń / Kuyavian-Pomeranian 2020.
The concert takes place as part of the Toruń City Festival.


  • Infinito Quartet:
  • Paulina Burczyńska - I violin
  • Kinga Politowska - II violin
  • Zuzanna Wiśniewska - viola
  • Klaudia Marzec - cello


  • A. Charpentier - Te Deum - Prelude
    E. Morricone - Gabriel's Oboe
    Morricone - La Califfa
    R. Galliano - Tango Pour Claude
    Mirabassi - Howl’s moving castle
     from the movie: A Star Is Born
    Szatrow - The Hills of Manchuria
    Iradiew - La Paloma
    Cohen - Allelujah
    Gardel - Por una Cabeza
    Skaldowie - Prze?liczna wiolonczelistka
    Wodecki - Zacznij od Bacha
    Coldplay - Viva la vida
    Presley - Love me Tender
    Republika - Mamona

We all know how much poorer a film is without music. Music complements the film and leads the plot, and sometimes it becomes more important than the word or image. By activating a different sense, music tells the story of a film in a non-verbal and non-visual manner. The music of Ennio Morricone that co-created the film The Mission stands among the best scores in film music. One of the most beautiful moments of Joffé’s film is the scene when Gabriel’s father makes the first contact with the Guarani people. The missionary arrives there armed with the most effective weapon at the disposal of the Jesuit Order - music. Not only does the theme created by Morricone open up new spaces in the hearts of the Indians, but remains forever in the memory of cinema fans, music lovers and admirers of Morricone’s work. His talent will be rediscovered during this concert in the music that illustrates the French-Italian drama La Califfa, directed by Alberto Bevilacqua.
Other film music gems include the hit Shallow from the soundtrack of Bradley Cooper’s melodrama A Star is born, Leonard Cohen’s Allelujah, as well as the famous waltz On the Hills of Manchuria by Ilya Shatrov, and the fiery tango Por una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel used in such films as Schindler’s List and Scent of a Woman. The show will also include several hits such as: La Paloma by a Basque composer Sebastián de Iradier and Tango pour Claude by Richard Galliano.
We know perfectly well that “a song is good for everything”, hence the evening’s repertoire will include Prze?liczna wiolonczelistka (The lovely cellist) by Skaldowie, Zacznij od Bacha (Begin with J.S. Bach) by our dearly missed Zbigniew Wodecki, the immortal Love me Tender by Elvis Presley, Viva la vida by Coldplay and Mamona (Money) by Republika. The song will surely “help us through a lot” and maybe we will start looking on the bright side of things.

Aneta Derkowska, PhD

Co-organizer of the concert: Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna

The event will take place in accordance with current recommendations and guidelines.

Please read the rules and comply with the GUIDELINES FOR THE CONCERT PARTICIPANTS.
IN CONNECTION WITH THE ONGOING COVID-19 PANDEMIA and completing the statement to be given to 
you by staff on the day of the concert.