Greatest hits from Opole and more

Nova Music and Architecture
Data wydarzenia
The Amphitheatre of "Baj Pomorski"
30 PLN


The concert will be held under The 26th International Festival "Nova Music and Architecture", Toruń/Kujawsko-Pomorskie 2022

Kujawy + Pomorze – promotion of the economic potential of the region – 2nd


Kamila Sikorska – violin, vocal
Marcel Maniewski – piano, vocal
Przemysław Wawrzyniak - guitar
Bartosz Suliński – drums 
Piotr Redmerski – bass 
Paweł Trawczyński – saxophone
Jakub Szynal – trumpet

Karolina Smolarek-Szynal – introduction

Programme: A. Zaucha, Z. Wodecki, N. Kukulska, K. Krawczyk, E. Bem, M. Grechuta, Bajm.

Ewa Demarczyk (Karuzela z Madonnami), Kalina Jędrusik (Z kim ci tak będzie źle jak ze mną), Czesław Niemien (Dziwny jest ten świat), Jerzy Połomski (Bo z dziewczynami), Wojciech Młynarski (W co się bawić), Maryla Rodowicz (Jadą wozy kolorowe)... these are barely a small portion of artists whose songs resounded in Opole at the National Festival of Polish Song in the good old days. The Infected band - as the title of the concert announces- has started working on other hits from Opole as well. 
Andrzej Zaucha sang in Opole such memorable songs like: Byłaś serca biciem, Czarny Alibaba, or Baby, ach te baby along with Ryszard Rynkowski. Rumour has it, that this last song was rejected by the singers themselves from the Festival. However, composer Włodzimierz Korcz, trusted his intuition and simply knew that this song would become a hit. After hours full of laughter and mockery, the duo eventually performed the song in Opole (1990) and achieved a spectacular success.
Zbigniew Wodecki, differently from his colleagues, did not become famous at National Festival of Polish Song in Opole for his greatest hits such as Izolda or Zacznij od Bacha, although, as he joked himself often, “if young people want to make a career here, they must make some connection with bigger names at the beginning”. He sang other miniatures of wonderful beauty, such as: Wspomnienie tych dni along with Krystyna Prońko and Sobą być. 
Wodecki went to Opole for the first time with the Anawa band and Marek Grechuta in 1968, when he performed the song called Serce. In the following years, Grechuta won a number of prizes in Opole: in 1969 he was awarded for his interpretation of the song Wesele, in 1971 for Korowód, and in 1977 he won the first place for Hop, szklankę piwa. 
The “lady of Polish jazz”, Ewa Bem, visited Opole many times and performed such songs as: Kolega maj (1979), Tak mało chcę (1980), S.O.S (1986), and (with Zaucha): Śpiewam i gram (1986). Another colorful bird of the Polish song scene, Beata Kozidrak, along with her band called Bajm, also performed at the Opole Festival many times, playing such hits as: Piechotą do lata (1978), Ok., ok., nic nie wiem, Żal prostych słów (1983). Krzysztof Krawczyk also excelled in the “Polish capital of hits” (Pogrążona we śnie Natalia ‒ 1978, Za tobą pójdę jak na bal ‒ 1986,  Nie zostało nam już nic ‒ 1988). His song To co dał nam świat was performed also by others great talents in Opole, such as Natalia Kukulska, who - besides her own hits (Miau) - performed many songs from the repertoire of Anna Jantar as well (Tyle słońca w całym mieście). 
So let us start the time machine and, together with the Infected band, get back to the old days in Opole and more ... 

Aneta Derkowska