Jest w orkiestrach dętych jakaś siła | Palcem po partyturze

Palcem po partyturze
For children
The Artus Court
20/30 PLN


The concert is organised as part of the ''Put your finger on the score'' project

The concert at 3:00 p.m. is for children aged 0-6
The concert at 5:00 p.m. is for children aged 7-11


Hussars, uhlans and soldiers – it is thanks to them that we are Poles today. As is commonly known, singing expresses deep joy and gratitude. With overwhelming brass instruments, possessed and used by musicians from the Military Orchestra in Toruń, and a carefully selected repertoire, we can be taken to the times when music was uplifting and allowed people to appreciate every day.
For those who can already read and feel like singing with us, we will prepare commemorative song books.


Olga Siemieniecka - vocal
Mateusz Wiśniewski - vocal
Dominik Sierzputowski - vocal
Military Orchestra in Toruń
Joanna Krause - conductor

Marsz pierwszej brygady
Jak białe orły
Pieśń o wodzu miłym
Póki Polska żyje w nas
Biały krzyż
Kocham wolność
Marsz wojsk lądowych

The Military Orchestra in Toruń was established on 6 June 1945 as the Orchestra of the Military Academy of Artillery Forces. Throughout the years of its activity, it has become an important feature of the cultural life of Toruń by playing music at important patriotic and religious events. The orchestra also gives concerts outside Toruń, in other places in Poland and abroad. It also participates in numerous festivals for brass bands. It gives about 250 concerts a year. Residents of Toruń are interested in particular in military parades, at which the musicians wear historical uniforms from the times of the Duchy of Warsaw. The current bandmaster is Lieutenant Joanna Krause.
Mateusz Wiśniewski – a singer and graduate of the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz in the jazz singing class of Joanna Zagdańska.
The winner of many competitions and festivals, for example Bronze Award at the Serca Bicie Festival organised to commemorate Andrzej Zaucha and the Grand Prize at the Fetting Festival (edited songs by Zbigniew Wodecki).