Rite of Spring

Great composers - Great anniversaries
Chamber Hall of CKK Jordanki
20/30 PLN

Piano recital on the occasion of the 50th death anniversary of I. Stravinsky

The event will be part of the project "Great composers - Great anniversaries"

Great Composers - Great Anniversaries is a project to commemorate artists who celebrate important anniversaries in 2021. It will be a series of 12 events featuring: symphonic and chamber concerts, recitals, a poster exhibition, film screening and a lecture. The project is a reference to the following anniversaries: the 280th death anniversary of A. Vivaldi, the 100th death anniversary of C. Saint-Saëns, the 50th death anniversary of I. Stravinsky, the 120th death anniversary of G. Verdi, the 230th death anniversary of W. A. Mozart, 110th death anniversary of G. Mahler, the 100th death anniversary of W. Żeleński and the 100th birth anniversary of A. Piazzolla. Prominent artists have been invited to participate in the project (Marek Tomaszewski, Krzysztof Książek, Piotr Buszewski, Piotr Sałajczyk), as well as young winners of competition awards, students of music academies and pupils.

Marek Tomaszewski - piano
Gabriela Ułanowska - introduction

Compositions arranged by Marek Tomaszewski::
M. Oldfield - theme from The Exorcist - Tubular bells
I. Strawiński
 - Dance de la foire from ballet Petrushka
 - Dance infernale from ballet Firebird 
 - Berceuse from ballet Firebird  
 - Finale from ballet Firebird  
 - Ballet finale Rite of spring - Danse sacrale 
M. Tomaszewski - Dorian's song

The event will take place in accordance with current recommendations and guidelines.

Please read the rules and comply with the GUIDELINES FOR THE CONCERT PARTICIPANTS.
and completing the statement to be given to 
you by staff on the day of the concert.

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