Declaration of accessibility

Toruń Symphony Orchestra undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The accessibility statement applies to the website

Website publication date: 21/04/2021

Last significant update: 21/04/2021
The website is partially compliant with the Digital Accessibility of Public Entities' Websites and Mobile Applications Act of April 4, 2019 due to inconsistencies or exclusions listed below:

•    materials were published on the website before the Digital Accessibility Act came into force,
•   they come from different sources, so it may happen that not all files are fully accessible, e.g. they may lack headers or alternative descriptions for tables and graphics,
•    the published videos do not have text subtitles as they are loaded from YouTube.
•    there may be situations when, despite the best efforts of the site editors:

- the purpose of the link is not adequately defined, 
- the published attachment may not have information about file size or format, 
- some graphics do not contain alternative texts.

The information on the website is kept up to date by the Editors. We do our best to keep the website accessible, however if you find errors or have comments please contact us by email: dostepnoscattos [dot] art [dot] pl


•    You can also navigate the site with your keyboard by using the Tab key.
•    You can use the text magnification feature on the website. Graphical web browsers allow you to zoom in or out of the site you are viewing.
•    In order to enlarge text, select the appropriate key combination:
     Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer:
     [CTRL] and [+] to zoom in 
     [CTRL] and [-] to zoom out 
     [SHIFT] and [+] to zoom in 
     [-] to zoom out
•    The website was designed and built so that as many users as possible could use it freely on different operating systems and different browsers.
•    The website has a colour contrast of 4.5:1 between text and background.
•    The website uses focus (border) for interactive elements.
•    We try to make the content published on the website understandable to everyone.
Mobile Apps - we do not currently provide any mobile apps.
Statement made on: 21/04/2021
If you have any problems accessing the website please contact Małgorzata Działdowska at: dostepnoscattos [dot] art [dot] pl. You can also contact us by calling 690 000 851. Requests for non-accessible information and requests for accessibility can be made through the same channels.

Anyone has the right to request the digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or some element thereof. It is also possible to request that the information be made available in alternative forms – digitally inaccessible document may be read out or the film without an audio description may be outlined.

The request should include:

•    data of the person making the request,
•    an indication of which website or mobile application is concerned
•    contact method.

If the requesting person indicates a need to receive the information in an alternative form, he or she should also specify the form of that information.

The public entity should comply with the request immediately and no later than within 7 days. If it is not possible to comply with this time limit, the public entity shall inform without delay when it will be possible to comply with the request, which shall not be more than 2 months. If accessibility cannot be ensured, the public entity may propose an alternative means of accessing the information.

If an entity refuses to comply with a request to provide accessibility or alternative access to information, a complaint may be filed about that action. Once all possibilities have been exhausted, a complaint can also be sent to the Ombudsman.
The seat of Toruń Symphony Orchestra located in Toruń at 1-3 Aleja Solidarności is a building that belongs to the Culture and Congress Centre Jordanki commissioned in 2015 – it is fully accessible for the disabled. 

The TOS administration is located in the building on the 2nd floor, which is accessible from the ground floor by a lift.

The building with concert halls is accessed from the surrounding streets without the necessity to climb external stairs. The main entrance to the building is directly at ground level. Vertical access between all levels of CKK Jordanki is ensured by appropriately-sized lifts.

In the first rows of the concert halls wheelchairs can be conveniently placed.
Toilets for the disabled are adapted so that users can freely use them.
The underground car park has a total of five parking spaces for the disabled on both floors. Exit from the car park is facilitated by a convenient lift.
Dressing rooms are also adapted for artists in wheelchairs.

The Culture and Congress Centre Jordanki also provides facilities for the blind and visually impaired – places and passageways are specially marked.
An induction loop has also been installed at the Culture and Congress Centre Jordanki. This is the colloquial name for a hearing aid with an induction (inductophonic) loop. It allows persons with a hearing loss to receive pristine, clear sound through the telecoil that almost every hearing aid is equipped with.

Information about using a sign language interpreter on-site or online.

•    No such possibility.

Full description of the building’s architectural accessibility