Toruń Symphony Orchestra | Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna

Toruń Symphony Orchestra

Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna na scenie Sali Koncertowej Centrum Kulturalno-Kongresowego Jordanki

We are the beating heart of music in Toruń

The Toruń Symphony Orchestra stands as a paramount cultural institution in the region, serving as the true musical centrepiece for the city. For several decades, our Orchestra has been dedicated to bridging the gap between timeless musical masterpieces and music enthusiasts yearning for unforgettable experiences.

We are committed to supporting cultural development and musical dialogue in the region

We firmly believe that even the most talented artists, who have created timeless works, would not have reached the heights of genius without the support of a loyal audience. Thus, our most important mission is to develop and cater to the musical needs of the people of Toruń and its surroundings. We strive to spread the musical heritage on a larger scale and actively contribute to the overall development of culture. We envision that the success and growth of our institution will encourage a significant portion of society to engage in our shared cultural heritage. In all our endeavours, we are guided by the idea of creating an open and welcoming space for musical dialogue.

Nurturing tradition and breaking new grounds

The Toruń Symphony Orchestra skilfully combines both respect for tradition and a desire to embrace the works of great artists of the Polish and international music scene, as well as openness to new experiences and a forward-looking perspective. During our evening concerts, we open our doors to people of all age groups, offering a diverse range of programmes tailored to meet the varied expectations of our audience. Our repertoire includes symphonic and oratorio concerts, chamber concerts and recitals, music shows and concerts for schools, music festivals, competitions, and any other activities aligned with our values. Through these events, we aim to pay tribute to the centuries-old legacy of music from all corners of the world. Our endeavours are made possible by the efforts of talented musicians, the administrative team, dedicated volunteers, and many other exceptional individuals who contribute to the success of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout our many years of activity, we have always strived to stay connected not only to the great musical heritage but also to one another.

Our headquarters is the CKK Jordanki

The monumental building of the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre has been the headquarters of our institution since December 2015. The Concert Hall and Chamber Hall within this space host the majority of our Orchestra's events. The spacious interior, with its brick structure reminiscent of the architecture of the Old Town, provides the perfect setting for our ambitious goals.

We have achieved numerous successes

Over the years, the Toruń Symphony Orchestra has earned widespread acclaim both domestically and internationally. Our accomplished musicians have performed in nearly 3000 concerts across Poland and throughout Europe, captivating audiences in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, France, Belarus, and Lithuania. The Orchestra takes immense pride in representing Toruń with dignity during national and international tours. It has been featured in numerous festivals, embarked on a month-long tour in China, and showcased its talent at the Opera Gala in Pamplona. Notably, the Orchestra’s concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels in 2010 was a resounding success. In July 2010, the orchestra had the honour of accompanying Jose Carreras during his performance on Motoarena Stadium in Toruń.

Additionally, the Orchestra has made numerous recordings for Polish Radio and Television, Radio Suisse Romande, and released a CD featuring music by Romuald Twardowski, recorded by the orchestra in December 2017, with violinist Kinga Augustyn under the direction of Mariusz Smolij.

We engage in fascinating projects

The orchestra has carried out numerous projects that showcase great diversity - we fearlessly undertake even the most daring and unconventional endeavours!

One of our flagship projects is the International Festival "Nova Music and Architecture", which aims to revitalize monumental interiors and blur the boundaries between music and architecture. Another significant project continues to be the International Karol Lipiński Festival and Violin Competition, which is attended by famous virtuosos from all over the world. The prestigious event was honoured with the contribution of Maestro Prof. Krzysztof Penderecki as its Honorary President in 2013 and 2016. 

We have implemented the following projects:

  1. The Forces of Nature “Earth, Planets, Stars” - 2017-2018
  2. The Forces of Nature “Power of Fire” - 12-21 October 2018
  3. Moniuszko Days – 5 May –21 June 2019
  4. Conductor – Resident, editions 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021
  5. Viva Beethoven! - 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth - 31 January - 28 December 2020
  6. Kuyavia full of musical uproar! – 31 May – 28 August 2021
  7. Great Composers - Great Anniversaries - 17 April - 5 November 2021
  8. Four Strings of the World - 16 January - 18 June 2022
  9. As Long as Poland Lives Within Us - 19 May - 4 June 2022
  10.  SEROCKI #100 – 6 March – 25 September 2022
  11.  Finger on the Score 12 June – 4 December 2022
  12.  START LIVING (WITH) CULTURE - 4 November – 14 December 2022
  13.  Polish Music Scene 24 November - 22 June 2023
  14.  See the Music - 24 March - 22 May 2023

We actively participate in numerous valuable ventures and external art events, collaborating with various orchestras, philharmonics and music schools, both domestically and internationally.

Remembering about the youngest audience

We also prioritize engaging the youngest audience and promoting musical heritage among young music enthusiasts. 

We work closely with the Karol Szymanowski Music School Complex, providing opportunities for outstanding young artists to perform as soloists in specially organized concerts.

As an institution, we have been fortunate to receive support from various entities, including the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports, Institute of Music and Dance, and the National Centre of Culture. This support has enabled us to organize numerous concerts, anniversary celebrations, occasional events, and festivals. It has also facilitated the support of young artists and the acquisition or replacement of office and stage equipment, as well as musical instruments.

The current director of Toruń Symphony Orchestra is Przemyslaw Kempinski, the deputy director for artistic matters is Dainius Pavilionis and the first guest conductor is Adam Banaszak. The current artistic team of the Orchestra consists of 53 artists and the administrative team – 11 employees.

I violins
Izabela Bogusz (concertmaster),
Mariola Majrowska, Grzegorz Bogusz, Renata Brylińska, Katarzyna Dereszyńska, Małgorzata Żuchowska, Malwina Mikołajczak-Lutrzykowska, Emilia Dagil

II violins
Ewa Drzewiecka-Mistrzak, Aleksandra Pilarska, Bernadetta Chmielecka-Larsen, Rafał Mazowiecki, Katarzyna Ignac, Arnaud Śmigiel- Kamiński, Joanna Naworska

Marta Wroniszewska, Anna Marczyńska, Monika Kamińska, Anna Szczepańska, Karol Piechowiak, Michał Rak

Karol Wroniszewski (koncertmistrz),
Beata Wiącek-Felczykowska, Dorota Bojarczuk, Kamila Wieczorek, Piotr Skruszewicz,

double bass
Radosław Manthey, Andrzej Wyrwicki, Katarzyna Warcaba

Dorota Jagiełło, Monika Nowacka-Sekuła, Agata Głodek

Mateusz Kubański, Paulina Dołęgowska

Mirosław Dudziński, Ewa Zwolińska, Mateusz Szwankowski

Sławomir Bogdaszewski, Beniamin Lewi

french horns
Maciej Halama, Tomasz Kubica, Patryk Tokarski, Katarzyna Karpińska, Angela Warzyńska

Jacek Wieczorek, Łukasz Ignac, Michał Tyrański

Grzegorz Radziejewski, Adam Piórek, Paulino Taica Frias

Paweł Witulski, Kamil Jagodziński*, Patryk Dolepski*

harpsichord (piano, organ)
Wojciech Sarba

Maria Lewandowska *

orchestra inspector
Michał Rak

orchestra librarian
Alina Reut

*cooperation with the Toruń Symphony Orchestra