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Open general rehearsals

In the artistic season of 2021/22 we invite you for open dress rehearsals. They will take place on selected Fridays from September 2021 till June 2022 at 10:00 am in the Concert Hall of the CKK Jordanki.

The dress rehearsals are aimed at organized groups from the secondary schools and they last for about 60 minutes.

We invite you the the following dress rehearsals to the selected concerts:

11/03/2022, 10am - Film music concert for Women’s Day

1/04/2022, 10am - Eva Gevorgyan − Concert with the finalist of the 18th International F. Chopin Piano Competition

13/05/2022, 10am - English evening / The four seasons

Ticket fee - 6 PLN
Advance entries apply.

phone: +48 56 642 43 77
mobile: +48 602 253 809
e-mail: edukacjaattos [dot] art [dot] plonclick="return rcmail.command('compose','edukacjaattos [dot] art [dot] pl',this)" rel="noreferrer"