The Church of Holy Spirit | Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna

The Church of Holy Spirit

The Church of Holy Spirit was built in the late Baroque style in the mid-eighteenth century to serve the community of Toruń Lutherans. In the aftermath of the 1724 religious riot, St Mary's Church was returned to Catholics and only in 1754 did the Lutherans obtain permission from the king to build a simple house of prayer on the condition that from the outside it bore no resemblances to church buildings. For this reason, they were forbidden to erect a tower; the present tower was built only in the late nineteenth century. Used by Protestants until 1945, it was given into the care of Jesuits, who have established there university chaplaincy. In the 1980s, the church was a meeting place for anti-communist opposition movements. The interior includes several ornaments in the Rococo style, especially the main altar and the door to the sacristy manufactured in 1756 with the use of a wood inlaying technique (intarsia). The church organ, built in the second half of the eighteenth century, was burnt during the fire that burst out on May 1989 and destroyed much of the church's interior. They have now been replaced with a new organ decorated in keeping with the original design.