This tall and that small | Budżet Obywatelski 2020

Data wydarzenia

The event is financed by the Municipality as part of the Participatory Budget of the City of Toruń


  • Judyta Wenda - vocal
  • Prestige String Quartet:
  • Helena Szurka- violin
  • Anna Piniuta - violin
  • Marta Lutrzykowska - viola
  • Michał Litwa - cello
  • Anna Morawska - preparation and introduction

Musical meetings with children are concerts that are conducted in an accessible and free manner with the participation of professional artists. Each concert will take us into the world of music, where we will get to know musical instruments and their different sounds. We will listen to famous songs and we will also sing together.

This tall and that small... can play music with us!

There is a family of string instruments looking forward to meeting you.

We will spend this Sunday amid singing and the most beautiful works of classical music.

The event will take place in accordance with current recommendations and guidelines.

Please read the rules and comply with the GUIDELINES FOR THE CONCERT PARTICIPANTS.
and completing the statement to be given to 
you by staff on the day of the concert.