Chamber music concert: ‘The Sounds of Nature’

Festival and Violin Competition
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Chamber Hall of CKK Jordanki

Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda under the 5th International
Karol Lipiński Violin Festival and Competition

Kreeta-Maria Kentala (Finland) - baroque violin
Matias Häkkinen (Finland) – harpsichord

Introduction: Przemysław Draheim

J. J. Froberger - Chemin Montagneux
J. H. Schmelzer - Sonata Cu Cu
F. Couperin - Les Sylvains
trad.- Leivosen polska
M. Uccellini - Sonata ’La Luciminia Contenta’
K. Jylhä - Metsämarssi
F. Couperin - Le Moucheron
V. Niittykoski - Luonnon ääniä
H. I. F. von Biber - Sonata Representativa
O. Hotakainen - Koukkulammin polkka
J. C. F. Fischer - Prélude and Courante d’Uranie
Finnish traditional - Himlens polska
A. P. Mealli - Sonata opus 3 no. 1 La Stella

‘The sounds of nature’

Kaustinen, the home town of Kreeta-Maria Kentalama, boasts a rich and long tradition of folk music. The development of tar trade in the eighteenth century and the nearby harbour brought financial prosperity to the region, opening it to the influence of European culture, including music. Kaustinen was hailed as ‘the heart of music’ in 1868 by the Borgå-Bladet newspaper from southern Finland.

The roots of folk music in Kaustinen probably go back to the Baroque era, when the ballroom dances known from the courts of aristocracy became popular among the ordinary folk, with the folk repertoire migrating in the opposite direction. It is not surprising, therefore, that in Finnish music court and folk traditions converge to create an interesting musical mix.

Kreeta-Maria has been brought up in an atmosphere of respect for folk music traditions nurtured by her parents. Already in her early childhood she became acquainted with the traditional melodies played by the pelimanni, i.e. Finnish folk musicians. As a violinist, performing a Baroque repertoire, she has participated in various projects combining the Baroque and folk musical traditions.

Matias Häkkinen is a versatile harpsichordist, at ease with a variety of musical styles. In this programme, he will be marrying folk melodies with baroque harmony and phrasing, and translate the refined style of the French school of harpsichord into a wide spectrum of the sounds of nature enriched with folk overtones.

Nature will be the primary motif of the concert, as it is from nature that baroque composers and folk musicians alike drew inspiration. Let us all indulge in this beautiful journey to the Finnish pine forests, traversing from the picturesque mountain slopes right into the sky!