St. Stephen's Church | Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna

St. Stephen's Church

The church was built in Gothic revival style in 1902-1904 on the site of the former city moat by the present-day street Wały gen. Sikorskiego. It was designed by Richard Gans from Berlin for the Evangelical-Reformed community established in 1676. Severely damaged during WWII, it was handed over to the Evangelical-Augsburg Parish and, after renovation, reconsecrated on 26 August 1945 when it received its present name.  It has two naves, a modest apse pointing to the west and a tower in the north-east corner. The Gothic revival style stained-glass dates back to the time of construction as well as the 13-voice organ, lectern, baptismal font and pews. The church is also known for the 17th century painting "The Adoration of the Lamb" transferred from the former Holy Trinity church on the New Market Square.